Welcome to my Prime Numbers website. Above this text you will find links to the pages of my website and I encourage you to read, download and email me if you like. The purpose of this site is to seek out ?your? programing nous to further develop this Prime Numbers application. It has in my humble opinion a lot of untapped potential, despite that it already works flawlessly. If you happen to be a bit of a C# programmer and you are interested in a little collaboration please send a message.

To understand the full ‘implications’ of what this Prime Numbers and Semi Prime Numbers with the Factors app can achieve you need to read the description of the method behind the application. It is written in plain English, there is no awesome algebraic equations that you need to come to terms with. It is in most ways a simple, elegant and NOVEL approach. In brief, the potential that I speak of relates to a broadening of the range. Presently one sweep takes in a range of almost 1.5 million compound numbers. It completes 1 full ‘proving’ or ‘disproving’ of 1 ‘potential’ prime and using the returned values it then steps out all the certain NON PRIME compound values across the 1.5 mil range. These are extrapolated from the 1st and only sweep, during this process it is possible to know in ‘relief’ from this silhouette all the prime numbers in the range, it is also possible to know all the semi prime numbers AND their factors.

There is included in the Prime Numbers app an ‘algorithm’, and several seriously cool ‘methods’ which reduce the required processing MASSIVELY. In fact it is TRUE that unlike and or in complete disobedience to the ‘accepted’ wisdom that the larger the integers the proportionately or exponentially larger the required processing. This app can and does break stride. You will need to read further into it than this welcome page can provide, and I hope you do.

So, welcome. Download my Prime Numbers, Semi Prime Numbers and their Factors app, read the description. Use, be happy and please credit and reflect the hard work I have done. Also I would expect that any further work done on this Prime Numbers app be done together with me. This is my hard work after all.

Here is a youtube video showing my application at work!


Best Regards,

James Mulholland

5 × = forty